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with Yanna Lantz

MARCH 7-10 @ The Spot




Join The Spot's Yanna Lantz for an acting intensive exploring Viewpoints and body-driven acting techniques.


This four-day workshop aims to introduce actors to new tools to aid in their storytelling and give them a foundation in Anne Bogart's and Tina Landau's Viewpoints - a technique that blends physical and psychological exploration. Actors must be present for all four classes as they will build upon what they learn each day.

Workshop Schedule:

March 7+8 from 5-7pm

March 9+10 from 3-5pm

Grades: 8-12

Cost: $100

To reserve a spot please email:


Scholarships are available. Please reach out for more info!

Space is limited. 

YL HS 23.png

Photography: Oliver Guy, Yanna Lantz in MEDICINE, 2023

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