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THE SPOT Artistic Staff

The Spot is a collective of Creative Directors who manage both the artistic and administrative operations of the theater. a.k.a. The Spot Cr3w

Natalie Battistone Creative Director of Marketing

since 2015

Yanna Lantz Creative Director of Development

Co-Founder 2014

Brett Moellenberg Creative Director of Finance + Artistic Administrator

Co-Founder 2014

Samuel Mollner Technical Director

since 2016

Kevin Wade Creative Director of Production 

Co-Founder 2014

Grant Carey Artistic Associate

since 2014 

Peter Burke 

Co-Founder 2014

THE SPOT Board of Directors

Susan Flynt      Development Committee Chair, Governance Committee

Sara Gorby      Secretary

Michael Kelly   Technical Committee Chair  

Mindy Meads   Development Committee, Finance Committee

Mary Mott       Board Member Emeritus

Maureen Ott    Governance Committee

Susan Parslow  Education Committee Chair, Governance Committee Chair

Meg Vorm        Education Committee

Mike Wade      Board President, Finance Committee 

Penny Weiss    Development Committee

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