Operation Spot!

We've surpassed our goal!

80 K

60 K

40 K

20 K



The theater has been dark for the past few months but the lights are coming back on at 220 Lewis Street with OPERATION SPOT.


To uphold the health and safety of our patrons and artists we have created a virtual, socially-distanced fundraiser. Join us July 12 - August 12 (right here!) for a series of special performances celebrating our work over the past five years, a major 20/21 season announcement and a variety of giving options that will support and sustain our company’s growth. 


Op. Spot is indeed a mission to keep us producing and creating vital work in this unprecedented time but also a play on the essential, off-stage role of spotlight operator. In the theater the spot op. is the person responsible for manually shining a light on the focus in an onstage moment. This beam of light can readily cover a large area—as we have done in selecting exhilarating stories that grapple with important issues—or as small an area as a single performer’s face. Without your support, none of our work is possible, and so the spotlight has turned to you for Op. Spot.


Our annual summer fundraiser typically accounts for up to half of our donated funds for the year, which is 75% of the operating budget:



Yearly Contracts & Payroll to Artists/Staff = $88K

Year Round Lease = $45K

Average Per Show Expense: Play = $15K | Musical = $30K 


Your donation to our theater at this crucial time allows us to maintain our beloved spaces, continue paying our six part-time artistic staff members, and creatively produce our sixth season. Contributions will also be used to help us prevent the spread of COVID-19 as we approach reopening and inviting audiences back to The Spot by enhancing health and safety measures. Advancing our technological and communication capabilities for virtually broadcasting our work is also a large, but critical, expense considering the possible resurgence of the virus during flu season. 


In May we expressed our solidarity with Black Lives Matter in fighting for justice following the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. We at The Spot are deeply committed to a culture of anti-racism within our theater and are intent on honoring the voices of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) theater-makers. Fundraising support will aid us in further networking with artists outside the valley, training in equity and inclusion as an arts organization and maintaining this conversation’s momentum in our community. 

At the heart of our work is education. The Spot Young Company mentorship program fosters the growth of the next generation of artists in this valley. Students in this tuition free project are given competitive performance and technical training and first-hand experience in mounting a production from the ground up. But the program is not just about putting on a show. We aim to build confidence in these incredible young adults who in turn take their theatrical skill-set of professionalism, compassion and integrity out into their lives beyond the stage. Funding for this project allows us to fulfill our mission and to continue offering theatrical training to young artists no matter the state of the world. Your donation gives all students with a passion for the performing arts the opportunity to grow as artists.

The Spot sets an example for the young artists in this community and makes change by changing ‘the conversation’ through theater. Your continued support helps us remain a safe space for all people to experience and celebrate our collective humanity. We hope to see you July 12 - August 12, in the spotlight. 


Thank you.